Technical product designers

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The combination of form and function - that is the profession of technical product designers. Depending on their specialization, they model and develop various technical constructions of all sizes: from small plastic parts to industrial production facilities. Customer-oriented, they find a suitable solution for every technical challenge that precisely meets the specifications of the client. The starting point for their work is often the design sketch of an engineer: with a great deal of know-how, they convert this into an exact model according to which the object can be produced with millimetre precision.

Info at a glance

  • Recommended school-leaving qualification: University entrance qualification
  • Duration of training: 3.5 years
  • Application area: Among others, plastics industry

The tasks as a technical product designer

Technical product designers proceed in a structured and planned manner. With a great deal of expertise, they decide which materials and production methods are most appropriate for an order. During the course of the project, they always keep track of the individual work steps, the materials required and the costs incurred. In addition to technical craftsmanship and organizational skills, they also have the necessary ingenuity: This allows them to pragmatically master tricky challenges with fresh ideas.

When they are not attending a meeting in the conference room, technical product designers can usually be found in the office. There they design true-to-scale models, sketches and views with the help of special CAD systems ("computer-aided design").


Training and requirements

With technical drawings, millimeters can decide whether the result is functional or not. Technical product designers must therefore work extremely precisely and carefully. Knowledge of mathematics and physics are just as much a part of the basic professional equipment as computer skills, a distinct spatial imagination and technical understanding. But that's not all: the design aspect also calls for creativity.

In the first three semesters of the apprenticeship, the learning content is the same for apprentices in both disciplines, after which they specialize in machine and plant design or product design and construction.


What does this training mean at W. MÜLLER?

At W. MÜLLER, we train technical product designers in the field of machine and plant design.

You will always work on real projects with us. The components to be designed are always different and very individual. It will therefore not happen that you always have to model the same parts over longer periods of time. Every hose head is unique! And every hose head may have its own tricky challenges that require creativity and ingenuity on the part of the technical product designers to overcome.

Our technical office works closely with the sales department. It can happen that the customer makes demands on our hose head during the sales talk that we have never realized before. Here the technical product designers search for and find a solution in cooperation with the design engineers. The technical product designers create the drawing according to the designer's calculation and produce the plans.
You will also play a key role in the technical documentation.

After your training you can occasionally take part in discussions of this kind and contribute to the fulfilment of the requirements.



Technical product designers ... in the development and design departments of industrial companies, in design offices and at industrial service providers.

...specialise in the field of machine and plant design or product design and construction. individual components, assemblies and complete systems

...create and maintain technical documentation.