Unexpectedly different.

Truly performing.

We are proud to be the Technology leader in extrusion blow molding. We take this title to heart and have made something of it! W. MÜLLER can supply all essential equipment for your blow molding machine, whether you are purchasing a new machine or retrofitting your existing, our extrusion die heads, extruders and control systems are available. Our products are all made in Germany and are up to date with the latest requirements for plastics processing.
We understand the need for using recycled and reclaimed materials, biomaterials, the use of special surfaces, changing shapes and sizes, W. MÜLLER can make it happen!
We are unexpectedly different, because we keep our promises and are always at your side, long after the delivery of your system!


Truly Performing

We promise, we perform!

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With heart and soul | 10.08.2022
Flexibility as a quality requirement

"Be flexible", "make everything possible", "offer a variable product range", "think bigger". These are all specifications that should be made possible for customers, and they are all phrases that you hear everywhere. And anyone who works in marketing, like me, has internalized these phrases anyway. But since I've been working at Müller, these "phrases" have become a lived mentality, which also makes it easy to promote the products.

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Plastics and sustainability | 26.07.2022
The colorful diversity of PCR processing

Use PCR materials without optical losses or impairment of the filling material! Blow molding specialist W. MÜLLER GmbH from Troisdorf makes PCR processing suitable and attractive for everyday use!

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Plastics and sustainability | 15.06.2022
Lighter, faster and more efficient

The blow molding specialist W. MÜLLER has optimized the production process for plastic bottles with its technology for packaging manufacturer Flestic. Equipped with new extrusion heads, on existing machinery material consumption was reduced while maintaining the same quality, as well as reducing cycle time and energy consumption.

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