Quality pays off

Extrusion blow molding | 20. March 2023

Recently we were able to complete a new project successfully and to the satisfaction of our customer. We were approached by our customer about problems in his production. He had difficulties with the quality of his products, which were produced with the technology of a market companion.

The cause could be localized after a few days, whereupon we retrofitted his machine with a new W. MÜLLER S2/60-120 CoEx4 head with two horizontal and two vertical W. MÜLLER extruders.

The problems were solved, but with them another negative side effect that the customer never noticed:

The wall thickness of his barrier layer was supposed to be about 0.07 mm. At the thickest point, however, it was 0.11-0.13 mm.

With the new W. MÜLLER technology, the layer thickness can now be produced between 0.07 and 0.076 mm.

Thanks to optimum extrusion and the extrusion head, this amounts to a saving of 5,400 kg of material over 150 days.

Assuming the current prices for barrier materials, our customer has been able to save around €35,000 through this adjustment.

In addition, the same article can now be produced 1.7 seconds faster.

What we would like to say with this?

Contact us if you want to optimize your production or if you have acute problems! Most of the time there is a simple solution to fix them!

Rebuilding your existing blow molding machine can pay for itself very quickly and saves resources compared to buying a completely new one.

Our control system helps you to achieve and maintain process stability easily and without in-depth technical knowledge! This makes extrusion blow molding a breeze! Truly performing.

Written by Guido Knipp - Technical Assistant