Offsetting our long-haul flights

Company | 02. December 2019

This year, for the second time, we have decided not to send Christmas presents around the world.

Instead, we will use the festival of charity in the best sense and give something to projects that work for the benefit of society, the environment or development aid. 

This year, we chose to offset our long-haul flights. Offsetting flights has become a popular way of compensating for flights that could not be avoided. The CO² emitted is converted into a value that can then be donated to climate protection projects around the world. Of course, not flying consumes the least amount of CO² emissions.
However, in our day-to-day business, this cannot be completely avoided and sometimes a personal visit to our customers and partners on site is also very important to us. 

Therefore, we have increased our unavoidable emissions from 74,000 kg in 2019 to 100,000 kg and compensated them. Here, a project in India is the beneficiary in which, clean drinking water is provided to the inhabitants. In India, more than 2 million children die every year from diseases that are transmitted, among other things, through drinking water. Through a system in which the drinking water is chemically purified, this danger can be prevented and the inhabitants can be supplied with clean, safe drinking water! 

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