Flexibility as a quality requirement

With heart and soul | 10. August 2022

"Be flexible", "make everything possible", "offer a variable product range", "think bigger". These are all specifications that should be made possible for customers, and they are all phrases that you hear everywhere. And anyone who works in marketing, like me, has internalized these phrases anyway. But since I've been working at Müller, these "phrases" have become a lived mentality, which also makes it easy to promote the products.

Because I don't have to exaggerate the performance and advantages of our products, I don't have to overemphasize anything and I don't have to create needs where there are actually none.

Because the solution orientation and our standard take care of that. The claim on ourselves is to have a suitable solution for every need.

This is also true for our extrusion tools. We usually manufacture pins and dies for extrusion heads from a diameter of 10 mm up to a diameter of 400 mm. But also sizes of 2 mm and 1000 mm are no problem for our production. There are no limits here.

We help our customers using our process engineering know-how in the design of the dies and they are adaptable to most head types. This is adaptable to all imaginable articles.

So whether you are producing bottles of all sizes, canisters or IBCs, we will build the right tool for the job. Manufactured and assembled in Germany, hand-polished and quality-tested according to Müller standards.

And thanks to the 3-point centering, they are also easy to adjust for all users at any time.

Truly performing.

Written by Annina Schumann - Marketing