Multi-layer extrusion level 1

Duration: 2 days
Coursetype: Classroom course
Type: Theory and practice
Target group: Personnel from purchasing, product development, setup and machine management, maintenance, mechatronics, process mechanics and their managers
Previous education: Basic understanding of EBM
Newly acquired competencies after the course:
- Understanding multi-layer technologies
- recognizing the right technologies in different applications
- independent commissioning of production
Cost: 1,000 € *

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Multilayer technology opens up many possibilities for us and, depending on the area of application, is unavoidable. It gives us the opportunity to produce hollow bodies with barrier properties and thus make food last longer or protect the environment from chemical leakage.

Multilayer systems also allow us to produce recycled materials in a stable way, as they have better mechanical properties in three-layer applications.

The learning fields in detail:


      • Presentation of multilayer concepts
      • Comparison of head concepts
      • Examples of special equipment on head and extruder
        (e.g. melt filter, pressure monitoring or safety devices)
      • Material selection (incl. PCR), combinations and hazards
      • Preparation and personal equipment
      • Handling and handling in production
      • Documentation and quality assurance
      • Examples from practice in cooperation with the group
      • Recyclability in multilayer extrusion


      • Basic setting of the machine for multilayer applications
        (coExtrusion depending on customer requirements)
      • Start-up of a multilayer production with process optimization
      • Quality assurance for production release
      • Safe shutdown of the line for production stop
      • Handling of melt filters in multilayer applications

      For courses at the W. MÜLLER Academy:
      The seminar days start at 09:00 and end around 16:30. We include sufficient breaks and allow times on both days for you to ask all your questions.
      During the course you will be provided with all the materials you needed to carry out the practical parts. Hot and cold anti-alcoholic drinks, as well as food during the lunch break are also included in the price. (These circumstances differ in case of seminars in your localities.)
      Exclusive services regardless of the place of implementation: travel, stay and local transport.


      *Price per person, max. 10 participants. If there is more than one participant per company, the following scales apply:
      -10% from two participants
      -20% from 3 participants

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