Beginners course blow molding technology

Duration: 1 day
Course type: Classroom course
Type: Theory
Target group : Non-specialists working in the blow molding industry, employees in administration, purchasing or packaging design, etc.
Previous education: No previous education necessary
Newly acquired skills after the course:
Understanding and using terms from blow molding technology
- basic knowledge of properties of plastic packaging
- understanding the manufacturing processes of hollow bodies

Cost: 600 € *

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Are you new to the industry or do you work in the administrative area and repeatedly encounter technical terms from the blow molding world?

All these terms, which are taken for granted in your environment, are sometimes not so easy for outsiders to explain in an uncomplicated way.

But your work would be a lot easier with a little more clarity in the jungle of technical terms and abbreviations! We are happy to help you with this. Compactly on one day and with all the information you need!

The topics in detail:

  • Blow molding ABC: What is a WDS, what do we mean by the word "shrink behavior" and what is
    the "PCR" everyone is talking about?
  • Feel free to bring any terms you have trouble with! We will clarify all open questions
  • The requirements and properties of plastic packaging for different substances (liquid, solid,
    cosmetics, food, chemicals, etc.)
  • The different types of production and when to use which one
  • Differences and possibilities of the production types stretch blow molding (PET), injection molding, extrusion blow molding
  • and much more

For courses at the W. MÜLLER Academy:
The seminar days start at 09:00 and end around 16:30. We include sufficient breaks and allow times on both days for you to ask all your questions.
During the course you will be provided with all the materials you needed to carry out the practical parts. Hot and cold anti-alcoholic drinks, as well as food during the lunch break are also included in the price. (These circumstances differ in case of seminars in your localities.)
Exclusive services regardless of the place of implementation: travel, stay and local transport.


*Price per person, max. 10 participants. If there is more than one participant per company, the following scales apply:
-10% from two participants
-20% from 3 participants

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